Guys, for just under $1,000 you can look this stupid too.

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This is a thing.

A thing available to buy.

This Vivienne Westwood “Mens Gig Jumpsuit” thing.

Not listed as a gag gift or Halloween costume.

I don’t get it.

People are weird. Pop culture and trends are weird. I’m either way behind or I’m too smart to be this stupid.

But I suppose it’s good to know that you too can look so stupid with just a couple of clicks and your card. I also suppose the price point is the hardest part about this buy.

As of this post, there are very few details about this, other than it’s cotton and imported. There’s only one review and I honestly hope they’re just kidding:

“Fashionable prison attire
I bought this for my husband. I have always wanted to know what he would look like in a prison jumpsuit without him actually going to prison. I must say I was pleasantly surprised in how well this suit fit.”

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

If you have the money, buy this jumpsuit through my affiliate link here for your guy and tell me all about it. BECAUSE I CARE.


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