I used to be a smartassed single momster until I got sick.
Now I’m a sick smartassed single momster.

Being sick and lame means I’m not currently on stage – like anywhere – so I had to use my brain and fingers to start to put together a new life. Always a writer, that’s where I belong. I’m a copywriter for others (for serious!) but needed to diversify too.

Check Out: 

  1. My blog here on this website where I talk about whatever.
  2. Blame Mama Media where I talk a lot of shit about my kids and being a Momster.
  3. Indoorsy – Outside where I blog for those who hate camping but force themselves to go anyway. We are on Facebook too. We have some fun snark and stories and find some cool things that make camping a little easier.
  4. Limited Mobility Solutions where I try to help others like me who are stuck in a physical pickle.
  5. Napa Copywriter where I am a writer for hire for businesses around the globe in many industries. I revamp the copy on websites, write blogs, and much more.
  6. My love for (a lot of things) Victorian Gothic where I talk snarkily and syrupy about decor, pics and more and you can buy a bunch for yourself.
  7. My goth gardening aspirations, plants, flowers, decor, and love where I also talk too much but hey! You can buy stuff too.
  8. I set up a Victorian gothic and goth gardening category so you can see everything posted there, not just shopping pics.
  9. Shop the Succulent Gardening gallery or see all succulent posts.
  10. Read me on Medium where I’m sometimes serious, sometimes funny, all times just me.
  11. @GinaRitter on Twitter where I talk a lot of shit about everything.
  12. Procrastination, Food, & Fat Moms Like Me where I show off the kid and parenting humor and sometimes show my softer side.
  13. And then there’s my mom and women’s comedy as Gina Ritter on Facebook because what the hell is a softer side?
  14. Of course, I’m on Pinterest too.

By purchasing things through my websites, you help support my efforts to pay for the sites and still have money left to buy enough underwear for me and fruit snacks to make my kids happy. They love that!

I mean, the fruit snacks they love. Though they probably love my underwear too because kids are stupid.

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