I used to be a smartassed single momster until I got sick.
Now I’m a sick smartassed single momster.

Being sick and lame means I’m not currently on stage – like anywhere – so stay connected with me here on my blog where I talk about everything it means to be me. You can find recent posts and categories to the right.

And stop by:

Blame Mama Media
Where I talk a lot of shit about my kids and being a Momster.

@GinaRitter on Twitter
Where I talk a lot of shit about everything.

Procrastination, Food, & Fat Moms Like Me
Where I sometimes show my softer side.

Gina Ritter on Facebook
What the hell is a softer side?

Limited Mobility Solutions
Where I try to help others like me who are stuck in a physical pickle.

Napa Copywriter
Where I am a writer for hire for businesses around the globe in many industries. I revamp the copy on websites, write blogs, and much more.

Indoorsy – Outside
Where I’ll be blogging for those who hate camping but force themselves to go anyway. We’ll have some fun snark and stories and find some cool things that make camping a little easier.

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