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Made from a high-quality polyurethane resin that approximates the weight and feel of real bone and there are tons of uses for this skull beyond Halloween decor or candy bowls.

Buy this resin skull planter here.

Anyone that’s into goth gardening or Victorian Gothic decor will eventually end up with a skull, whether they intended to or not. And right now, skulls are super trendy as garden planters and accessory holders yet simultaneously people are horrified.

Use it as a trinket box, a random container for anything, pen holder in your office, toothbrush holder, washcloth holder, Q-Tip holder, a flower pot or succulent planter —you name it, this skull is yours to be creative with.

This has no holes in the bottom so if you’re using it as a planter that’s regularly watered, you can nail or drill small holes. Most succulents won’t need drainage as long as you’re not over-watering though.

More Skull Details:

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