Rant: Paper bellies and saggy balls.

A man was talking openly and negatively to anyone around us about women who wear shirts to hide their bellies while they have sex. Bellies that because of having babies look like wrinkled paper.

Normally I laugh at idiots but not today. And maybe not anymore at all when it comes to putting down women.

No, today we had a talk about his views. Or, let’s say that I had a talk – just as openly and sarcastically to anyone around us who were listening.

He started it.

I told him about how not using condoms produces babies with no daddies and mommies with “ugly” bellies…

…and by the way, have you seen your saggy man balls? They’re ugly. Like wrinkled paper.
With no excuse, they’re just ugly.

So before you put a girl down for having your thug babies, you should think about your ugly balls.


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