42: passing a milestone in aging and boobery. 

bra, stuffing, middle-age, anna nicole, boobs, impressed, mom life, midlife, 40sI turned 42 in April and immediately passed a milestone in aging and boobery. 

42 is when I started stuffing things into my bra to keep them safe or carry them to the next location.

You know, I fought it until 42, but then gave in because it really is genius. I’m using the boobs that I have grown, there are two sides, and my bras have big cups for big boobs, so why not employ them? They’re super expensive, they might as well be multi-purpose.

42 is also when I started losing things because I forgot I’d stuffed them into my bra to keep them safe or carry them to the next location.

Within two months of turning 42, I was also being competitive with my bra stuffing. I was moving up from phone and keys to water bottles.

42 is probably also when I will begin to not notice I have a water bottle in my bra and run an errand because I do things sometimes. To be continued…

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