Less ambitious movies.

The Twitter meme for ‘Less Ambitious Movies’ had me pretty ambitious around 2 am one night. See if you can figure out the original titles. I mean, you know, if you want to waste some time on a pop culture game.

Something’s Gotta Happen Eventually

Bring It On: Maybe Next Month

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Dining Room Table

Stand Somewhere Near Me

A Few Days of Summer

Sweet Piglets

Just One Oh Seven

The 14 Year Old Virgin

2 Dresses

The Men Who Stare at Fleas

Zack and Miri Make Dinner

A Few Things That are Meh About You

It’s Really Not All That Complicated

Nice Girls

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Normal Days

You’re Just Okay Phillip Morris

Vampires are Yucky

Charlie and the Chocolate Kiss

Going the Least Amount of Feet

She’s Out of My Neighborhood


How to Train Your Stuffed Dragon

Love and Other Emotions

Harry Potter and the Back Yard

Gulliver’s Travel Channel

Snacks for Schmucks

Seating Miss Daisy

Dusty Dancing

Dances with Kittens

Schindler’s White Board

The Kids are Sorta Okay

Chopped Green Tomatoes

Children of the Kernal

Scott Pilgrim vs The Township

Water City

Plain Woman

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