The ‘Law of Sewing Your Own’ for the barely domesticated.

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If you have an article of clothing with a small rip or a piece of elastic that needs reinforcing, and you choose to fix it yourself, there is but one unbreakable law you need to know:

The Law Of Sewing Your Own

It’s something like Murphey’s Law for anyone as domestically dysfunctional as me who tries to do these things on my own.

It goes something like this: 

You will fix the garment.
You will be sure you’ve removed all the pins.
You will wear it and wash it, perhaps several times…

But you will out of the blue one day be stuck with a leftover pin. This is law.

Furthermore, most likely the pin will stick you in your boob. Or it will happen in the most inconvenient public place to suddenly get stuck by that pin so that you look possessed as you’re screaming and trying to find and fish the dagger of doom out of one of your intimate areas underneath what now seems like 100 yards of fabric and folds with a forcefield keeping you out.

This is a rule that cannot be broken, no matter how careful you are.


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