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kalanchoe chocolate soldier, brown, succulent
Pic borrowed from here.

When goth gardening, some put any colors they love in gothic/goth-looking pots, and others search for only darker-colored plants in purples, reds, browns, and black.

The kalanchoe chocolate soldier is a succulent that is more green when young and typically stays green-ish yet with a chocolate brown tinge and a trace of brown around the outer edge.

But one of the great things about many succulents is that you can purposely stress them out with more sun and/or less water and sometimes you get a more desirable color.

succulents, plants, dark plants
Pic borrowed from this Pinterest pinner.

So this kalanchoe chocolate soldier is one to play with to see how dark you can get the mature plant. Let’s see if you can get the milk chocolate to a dark chocolate, I guess.

If you have any cool tricks or secrets for growing a darker brown kalanchoe chocolate soldier, please comment below.

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