Dating tip: how to break-up with a divorced guy in 4 steps.

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Dating tip: how to break-up with a divorced guy in 4 steps.

I’ve never done this, but I know for sure it has worked.

  1. Take him as your date to a wedding
  2. Use the time to ask questions about your relationship
  3. Start making plans for your own wedding with him
  4. Wait for his meltdown (this could take 0-12 days)


You may not need to complete more than Step 1 and Step 4

Then eat donuts in mass quantities after you break up and move on.

More On This Subject: 

Man Friend: What if this blows up in your face and he takes this as a cue that you’d be open to him popping the question?

Me: I think that’s the real goal.

Man Friend: Oh, I misinterpreted. I thought it was the provoke the deer-in-headlights approach of the classically commitment phobic man in a passive-aggressive attempt to get him to dump you and think he came up with the idea.

Me: That too.
Either way, you win because you stop wasting time. See? Genius.

Man Friend: I don’t think that shit works anywhere outside of bad romcoms, personally, but I have been known to be dead wrong before.

Me: I know my base.

Man Friend: Always good to know your audience.

Me: Exactly.


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