*gasp* Unusual Black Spined Crown Cactus for Goth Gardens

Copyapore Black Crown Cactus, Copyapore Black Royal Circle, Eriosyce ceratistes , cactus, crown of thorns, crown cactusAfter doing some searching, I’m still not 100% on what this is.

It seems to be from the not-as-awesome “crown cactus” or “crown of thorns” cactus variety that is often seen and easily grown here in the US.

As close as I can tell, possibly the Japanese call it a Copyapore (or even a Copyapore Black Crown Cactus or a Copyapore Black Royal Circle as seen here).

However, I located the Eriosyce ceratistes variety and that might just be the one. But to my untrained eye, it just does not look the same or as exciting. I wonder if the person who posted the picture above actually painted the spines. Or maybe I’m just hoping that’s the case because I can’t get my hands on one.

Anyway, you can purchase Eriosyce ceratistes seeds here with my affiliate link from Amazon and grow your own to see for yourself. 

But if you locate these amazing cacti for sure in the USA, please leave a comment. I’m desperate to know.

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