Victorian Gothic Anna Sui Knockoff Planter, Pen Cup, Brush Holder

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By all rights, this is an acrylic makeup organizer that’s a knockoff of some things put out by Anna Sui. This organizer would be great for your vanity or desk holding brushes or pens as well as it would make a nice little planter in your goth garden. 

Buy this container here to add to your collection.

Anna Sui is a designer and I’ve posted some of her stuff because I’m into the Victorian Gothic aesthetic of it all. You can see things like this completely amazing hairbrush, a compact rose mirror, compact butterfly mirror, and a black rose handheld mirror.

Imagine this stuff on your vanity in your gothic bedroom or goth garden? *swoon*

You can purchase this Anna Sui hair comb too so snag that up as well if you’re into it. In fact, she has some other make-up stuff and fragrance bottles that would be amazing on your vanity just for the looks, if nothing else. Check out the designer Anna Sui on Amazon right here.

However, getting to the point, there are a few things that are sort of knock-offs of Anna Sui that look like they would fit into the whole collection affordably so I’ve posted a few of them as well. 

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