Buying Victorian Gothic Wineglasses and Goblets, Glass & Silverplated

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Tall Engraved Late Victorian Goblet C1880.

While looking to see if I could find late Victorian Gothic replica wineglasses, I absolutely fell in love with so many of the real ones. There are too many styles to post here, but check out these Google images for ‘Victorian goblet’.

Victorian Gothic wineglasses (goblets and chalices) were unique and etched. This example was just one shape of many.

Ornate and interesting, almost never minimal.

It’s hard to find a similar shape of them now anywhere you look. However, if you want a Victorian Gothic-inspired kitchen, you have some leeway since not many can afford to purchase an actual 1800s set of glasses.

Look for etched goblets and glasses and you’ll feel somewhat close to what was used in the 1800’s.

I’ve included some interesting glasses to look at below.


victorian, gothic, sterling silver, goblet, Edward Barnard of London in 1870
Sterling Silver Late Victorian Goblet. Made by Edward Barnard of London C1870.

Many of the wine goblets were sterling silver and silverplated, so that’s always an option too.

Also very ornate and unique.

The picture here is of a late Victorian “sterling silver goblet, having a round tapering body with hand-chased floral decoration, with applied and punched bead borders, a gold-gilt interior, and sitting on a plain pedestal foot.”

See also this reference book for Victorian Silverplated Holloware.

Buying Victorian Gothic-Inspired Wineglasses and Goblets, Glass & Silverplated

  1. Decide if you want a later Victorian feel that we go for today which is more vampire/goth, or if you like the Victorian vibe that’s often flowers and beads.
  2. Then do a search on Amazon like this one for ‘etched goblet’ (an affiliate link).
  3. Or check out a few of these  by clicking on them:

And some glasses or tumblers that are inspired by the etching or silver, but are more practical for everyday living:

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