Go to the bar for dating tips. Drunk guys seem to know a lot about love.

I need to implant a microphone in my heart because I think it’s trying to say something to me.

Like maybe it’s trying to say, let someone love you until you can finally feel it…

Then kick them in the tits and run.

Hmm. Maybe I’m not putting myself out there into the right frame of mind and social sphere to know what love is, attract it, and to be able to handle it long-term.

I should go to the bar tonight for helpful tips about love. Drunk guys seem to know a lot about love.

Yes, that sounds like a great idea. Maybe.

After all, even if I’m wrong about that, life is too short not to love an alcoholic or a tweaker a time or two.

I wanna love something…anything…like Michael Jackson loved his monkey.

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