Rant: Don’t call me stupid on my own Facebook wall.

How about on my Facebook page you don’t get to tell me I’ve posted something that’s ridiculously stupid. You don’t get to say that it’s even more stupid than I’ve posted before, because I’ve posted some stupid things. That’s even a double insult.

Because we aren’t friends. That’s why. In fact, my friends would call me on my shit, but know how to do it. Why? Because we are actually friends.

Maybe we slept together in high school or maybe you’re someone’s husband. But that doesn’t make us friends. And I don’t go to your page and tell you what a jackhole you are. Though I guess I should have. But meh.

Sorry. Having access to my 16-year-old vagina doth not now give you a free pass to tell me I’m stupid on my FB wall at age 41.

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