Black Butterfly & Rose Gothic Decor Desktop Mirror

gothic decor, black mirror, goth gardening, bedroom accessory, vanityOkay, so this is small, new and plastic, but when your options are limited (so far…still searching!) for gothic decor that’s not “campy” you grab what you can. This is cute, small or not. Not quite the antique gothic look I love, but a close second.

The black butterfly and rose themed gothic desktop mirror is currently on Amazon and there are some other sellers with matching acrylic accessories like this one for your vanity.

Check out the to-die-for hairbrush from designer Anna Sui here as well as her pages on Amazon with more of her interesting products for today that are in the Victorian Gothic aesthetic.

Also, if you see a mirror like this elsewhere, please comment! I’d like something a bit bigger in my bedroom or even the living room eventually so I can move this one into the bathroom. And I’m even considering putting one in the garden or on the patio because of the acrylic and size.

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